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Assessment Technologies Plus is dedicated to a single purpose...helping organizations improve through a means of "strategic focus". This involves a triangular approach of understanding the dynamics of systems, employees, and customers. We believe organizations will improve only when they fully understand and leverage on their strengths and improve areas where they are deficient. Three world-class organizational assessment tools are available to help you attain "strategic focus".

Quality Measurement Index®; (QMI)
The Quality Measurement Index® (QMI) is the leader in survey-based organizational assessments based on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria. The QMI offers a low-cost way to assess your organization against the Baldrige criteria as well as provide benchmarks to other organizations within your industry (healthcare, manufacturing, or service) and to a Baldrige winner. The QMI has been used by more than 350 world-class organizations since 1988 and has over 150,000 responses in it’s industry databases.
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Customer Satisfaction Measurement (CSMI)
The Customer Satisfaction Measurement Index (CSMI) is a breakthrough tool available to help you achieve world-class customer satisfaction! The CSMI is a custom designed evaluation package, which provides you with current performance benchmarks and helps your organization set specific goals to move toward improved customer satisfaction.
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Employee Satisfaction Measurement Index (ESMI)
This measurement instrument, which can be tailored to your specific needs, succinctly and completely lets you know how you are doing and identifies where you need to focus your improvement efforts to capture your employees' hearts. The ESMI centers on five key principles, which were thoroughly researched and documented as the best of the best when it comes to satisfying their employees. The literature is replete with examples of organizations that treat their employees as cherished family members. Not surprisingly, these 150+ companies examined are leading the field, as a group their stock is skyrocketing well ahead of the S&P, and they remain steadfast in their treatment of their "family members".
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